Megaen – Owner

I come from a family of animal lovers and knew I wanted to incorporate my passion into my career. I obtained a degree in Zoology with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Guelph. I worked at pet stores for many years, and while there obtained my accreditation in dog training, as well as ran the Pet Care department. I also worked for African Lion Safari and was involved in the care of the animals residing in the reserve. Through my years of experience, I gained the knowledge to care for a wide variety of pets and have a great appreciation for the fact that every pet is different and all require individualized care.

In my most recent years I was a dog walker for a successful dog walking company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. It was there I learned where my passion in the animal care field was. Being a dog walker and a pet sitter! I enjoyed making sure the dogs were well socialized and exercised. Since moving to Cambridge I have begun my own dog walking and pet sitting company. It is my goal to make sure when I leave, your pet is happy and tired!

I have two Samoyeds, four cats, and a parrot. My animals are my children and couldn’t imagine a life without pets. My Samoyeds, Shiya and Yuki, are full of energy and have both completed several training classes. They are well balanced and socialized and make excellent walking companions for anyone who wishes their dog to have some company while out on their walk.

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Chris – Owner

I grew up with many types of pets including dogs, cats and guinea pigs. I am currently the proud dad to two lovable Samoyeds, four cats and a parrot. Through my many years as a pet owner, Megaen and I found a great bond as animal lovers. 

I met Megaen while she was a dog walker for a successful company and accompanied her on her many visits. This is where I found my passion for the field. We both take great pride in our company, and make the care of all of our furry clients a top priority!

Chris with pups

Lynda – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Lynda has been an animal lover her entire life! Her love for animals started as a young child when she met her first dog, Smoky, a shaggy, fun loving sheep dog! Her mother was allergic to cats so she had to wait until she was on her own before she was able to have one, but she sure made up for it as she has owned about 15 cats in her life! She has rescued many dogs and cats over the years and has always had a houseful of animals at any given moment.

She enjoys getting to know new animals, they are like people to her, with their own unique personalities and special quarks!  She really gets a kick out of watching funny pet videos on the internet as a past time, as animals bring her such joy.

She even let her love of animals embrace her professional life as she cared for a very special pug named Shelby for over a year, taking her for long walks in the forest and her many unique needs.  She also worked at a Pet Boutique where she got to meet and visit with special new furry friends everyday!  She has a real passion for animals and feel they deserve the respect and love that any other family member does!

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Katie – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Katie is a friendly, energetic animal lover who would love nothing more than to become best friends with your pets. She has over 10 years of experience caring for the pets of her friends, relatives and neighbours, ranging from horses to hamsters and everything in between. 

Katie has a degree from the University of Guelph where she specialized in Equine Management. She loves hiking, horseback riding, and caring for new animals.

She has had pets her entire life, and is currently the mother of two cats, Axel and Diesel, whom she has fostered from 4 day old orphans.

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Carol – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Carol has been around animals all her life. She had a German Shephard named Bonnie when she was about 5 years old, who would be by her side almost 24/7. She was her protector, and an amazing dog…..heart breaking when it is time to send them to the rainbow bridge.

As she got older, she had 2 Dachshund dogs who were so spoiled. she would cook meals for them, what she ate, they would eat…. She had a quarter horse, which she rode pretty well every chance she had. Then came her Springer Spaniel. All her pets were treated like people, lots of love and care. She presently has 3 Bengal cats, and they are her life, next to her Grandchildren.

Both her girls were in horse back riding lessons, and one day, 2 kittens were snuck into her vehicle by her girls, and from that day on, they have always had cats in their home.

Your pets would get the most love and care, just like her own…









Cheryl – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Over the years, while coaching 4 children to adulthood, her home was  shared with dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, a guinea pig, hamsters, many rats (a failed business initiative of one of my daughters), fish and a snake. She took in 3 stray cats, (one of whom lived to age 22), and adopted a dog named Hogan.  That big bold black lab imposter learned to trust her, and she learned to trust him. 

She recently retired from her career providing support to persons experiencing medical disability.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree and her medical knowledge combined with years of pet parenting through multiple health conditions has contributed to she knowledge of pet health, signs and symptoms of health distress, and her capacity to fulfill treatment recommendations of trained veterinary professionals.  

She currently has an 8 year old Yorkie, and another black lab ‘imposter’, named Bogan (in honour of Hogan*) adopted 2 years ago as an energetic and undisciplined young adult with an unknown history. 

Being employed as a pet care attendant and dog walker is not work for her. She appreciates the trust placed in her by the pet parents Paws Away supports, and guarantee that she will care for your pets with the same commitment to their health and wellbeing, as she has provided to all of her own cherished animals.

with Griffen





Emily – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
From a young age, Emily had a strong love and connection with animals. She grew up with family pets of all kinds and spent her extra time riding horses and competing in shows. Currently she is raising a Service Puppy with National Services Dogs.
Over the past 10 years, she’s had a career in Children’s Mental Health but wanted to take some time off to grow and heal. Emily decided to do this with animals as she has a strong belief in animal therapy, and feels animals can do more healing than some other practices.
She is a passionate, kind and loving person and finds so much joy walking in nature with pups.
Ana – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Ana is very passionate about all animals from cats and dogs, to scaly and feathered friends. She always takes the opportunity to visit the animal shelters just to say hi as well as donate goodies to them. Spending her days with animals is very fulfilling for her. She has always had pets in her life and currently has the pleasure of having six cats who each have their own unique personality, a one year old pup, as well as a pet snake.

Ana feels being a pet care giver is the best job in the world, and she treats all pets with respect and makes sure their safety is first. She hopes to get her dog trainer’s license soon, and she loves being outdoors and experiencing new areas with her dog and yours.

Her goal is to make as many pets happy and to continue to do what she loves!

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