**Mail collection, plant watering, rotating blinds and turning on/off lights to make your home look occupied while you’re away is included. All visits are at least half an hour in length.**

Meet and Greet (Free)

We will come to your home and make sure we know the ins and outs of your pet’s routine. Paws Away’s services will be explained and any questions you may have will be happily answered.

Half Hour Dog Walk

Your dog will enjoy treats while being socialized with other dogs on neighbourhood streets and trails, or in nearby parks, followed by refreshments.

1 Hour Dog Walk or 2 Half Hour Walks

Same as above for double the time. Great for that pet who needs a little extra TLC.

3 Half Hour Visits

Three half hour visits including walks, treats and refreshments. Expect one tired pup by the end of the day! Perfect for someone who will be away for a day or more.

Cat Visits

Your cat will receive in home care and love, including meals, fresh water, litter box scooping and some kitty cuddle time. All visits are half an hour in length to make sure they don’t get lonely.

Puppy Playtime

Rest assured that your new addition will get lots of love and affection. Your pup will get time outdoors to ensure potty training is enforced and will be given fresh water and food.

Extra Pet

Too many pets? That’s not in our vocabulary!! Please inquire as to whether additional fees apply for certain pets.

Grooming Pick-up and Drop-Off

Your dog or cat will be picked up from home and dropped off at their favorite hairstylist. They will be picked up and returned home after their appointment as well. Also available for veterinary appointments. An extra charge will be applied for time spent at the vet.

Exotic Pets

Nothing is too scaly, feathery or furry to look after. Care for small animals, fish, reptiles, and birds is available.

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