Loose Leash Walking

Do you want to take your dog for a walk but find as soon as you open your front door your dog ends up taking you for a walk? Below are some simple tips and tricks that will make a walk with your dog more enjoyable for both of you!

Have you ever dreamt of a dog that doesn’t pull? The steps below can make that dream become reality.

1. Don’t start your walk until your dog is calm. This must also mean that you are calm. If you are nervous or get stressed out at the thought of taking your dog for a walk, they will become nervous or stressed too. Remember a walk with your dog should be a wonderful experience.

2. Begin with your dog sitting beside you facing forward.

3. Start walking forward with your foot that is closest to the dog. This is so he can see that you’ve begun walking. You can also add a verbal command such as “Let’s Go” when you begin your step so they have two cues to start walking.

4. If your dog puts any tension on that leash STOP! You want your dog to learn that if he pulls, you stop. This will need to be enforced several times before your dog will start making the connection. Be consistent! Be sure not to pull back on your dogs leash. This will only encourage more pulling.

5. Once you have stopped, wait for him to calm back down and have him sit beside you once again. Repeat!


  • Be consistent.
  • Your dog can feel your energy. Stay calm and relaxed.
  • Practice every time you go for a walk.
  • Pulling encourages pulling.
  • Enjoy your dog’s company.
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